Reactions to Kervran's work

These authors present compilations of Kervran's research, give comments and report about ongoing work in the field of biological transmutations (to get more information, please click on the title):

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At the Martin Luther University, Halle (Saale), Germany, an interesting experiment on soil fertility is being conducted. It was started by Julius Kühn in 1878, and ever since rye has been planted and harvested on this field, completely without the use of manure or fertiliser. And for decades the field has been yielding about 1.5 tons of rye every year, which is half the amount that is produced under normal conditions (with fertiliser) -- although large amounts of potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and other elements are taken away. Many papers and monographies have been published on the subject, known as "Ewiger Roggenbau Halle". In 2002 an international symposium was held.

See e. g. the book by Wolfgang Merbach and Annette Deubel: The Long-Term Fertilization Trials in Halle (Saale), Germany. 2nd revised edition Wiesbaden 2007, ISBN978-3-8350-4000-7

* Prof. Wim Holleman performed experiments on biological transformation and wrote a paper on them in 1981. 

* Prof. Pierre Baranger performed experiments using vetches and found striking differences in their composition after sprouting: Aimé Michel: "Un savant francais bouleverse la science atomique", in: Science et Vie, no. 499 (Avril 1959) p. 81-87.

* Decades before Kervran Albrecht von Herzeele performed experiments that Kervran referred to. A part of his texts is available in English: "
The ability of plants to create inorganic substances: results of experiments."

* Around the same time as von Herzeele two US scientists studied the amount of lime contained in eggs before and after incubation: V. C. Vaughan (University of Michigan) and Harriet V. Bills (Boston): "Estimation of lime in the shell and in the interior of the egg, before and after incubation." The Journal of Physiology Vol. 1 (1879) S. 434-436

* Not to forget two classical authors on the study of lime content in eggs before and after incubation:
- Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin (1763-1829):
"Sur les excrémens des poules, comparés à la nourriture qu'elles prennent, et Reflexions sur la formation de la coquille de l'oeuf." Annales de Chimie. Tome vingt-neuvième, 30 Nivȏse, an VIIe [1799], p. 3-26
- William Prout (1785-1850): "Some experiments on the changes which take place in the fixed principles of the egg during incubation." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London for the year 1822. Part II. London 1822, p. 377-400

The authors of these works treat Kervran's ideas favourably:


* Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: The Secret Life of Plants
* Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: The Secret of the Soil.
* Wilfred Branfield: Continuous Creation
* Michio Kushi: The Philosopher's Stone  (and many other titles by the same author)
* Gillian Martlew: Electrolytes - The Spark of Life  (1998)
* John Davidson: The Web Of Life  (1988) 
* Gabriel Cousens: Conscious Eating 
* Gabriel Cousens: Spiritual Nutrition 
* Lawrence Wilson: Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis  (1991)
* Haroldine and Thomas Brown: Lithium & Lithium Crystals: Nature in Harmony (1990) 
* Klaus Kaufmann: Silica - The Forgotten Nutrient (1990) 
* Jacques de Langre: Seasalt's Hidden Powers (1987)  
* Douglas W. Morrison, David J. Pesek: How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-body-spirit Connection (2006)
* Vladimir I. Vysotskii, Alla A. Kornilova: Nuclear Fusion and Transmutation of Isotopes in Biological Systems (2003)


* Wolf-Dieter Storl: Der Garten als Mikrokosmos (1992) 
* Helmut Gebelein: Alchemie
* Karl Hecht, Elena Hecht-Savoley: Siliziummineralien und Gesundheit: Klinopthilolith-Zeolith (2008)

Internet sources

Jean-Paul Biberian: Biological Transmutations: Historical Perspective. Review Article. J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 7 (2012) 11–25 (also online)
* Vladimir I. Vysotskii and al.: Successful Experiments On Utilization Of High-Activity Waste In The Process Of Transmutation In Growing Associations Of Microbiological Cultures (2003)

* Website Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
* Adam McLean: Some notes on the work of Louis Kervran (1981)
* Robert A. Nelson: Adept Alchemy
* Trasmutazione biologichi - Italian internet page with references
* A. Michrowski: Application to decontamination of nuclear waste
* M. S. Benford: Biological new reactions (Journal of New Energy, Spring 1999)
* Tom Bearden: Extraordinary Biology
* Japanese website on Kervran (2003)

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